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On Track to Start Casting Sessions Next Month

It’s my first weekend back from Seattle and Johannes just signed off on the last major decision I had to make in adapting short story “On Teaching Mandatory Harassment Seminars in Visalia into a short film screenplay, that I’m scheduled to direct later this year. Current plans call for casting sessions to begin next month and interested parties should  read the published original short story at American Short Fiction, then e-mail pasadenapulse@gmail.com.

Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth Interview

Today I met Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth for the second time on their ongoing Distant Worlds project. The interview was incredibly engaging and I can’t wait to post it in its entirety. But today I just wanted to thank Leanne Araya and Chris Szuberla at AWR Music for setting it up, Nobuo Uematsu’s manager Hiroki Ogawa for translating and of course Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth for generously giving of their time and energy to give one of their most engaging interviews to date.

Special thanks to my partner in crime, Ashley Nunn, for her help shooting video and stills during the interview.

From left to right: Nobuo Uematsu, Arnie Roth, Per Lichtman

From left to right: Nobuo Uematsu, Arnie Roth and Per. Photograph by Ashley Nunn.