Per Lichtman is many things. He is a composer, producer, audio engineer, creative and technical consultant, instructor and journalist. He is a photographer, cinematographer, editor and director. His background included performing in everything from musicals to Shakespeare in both English and Swedish before he finished high school.

A graduate of the California State Summer School for the Arts Inner Spark program, he went on to earn his Bacehlor’s Degree from Whitman College in Music Theory and Composition. His musical work is best known for his collaborations with Hila Plitmann (Grammy winner for Best Classical Vocal Performance), Joanna St. Claire (whose music featured heavily in Tony Scott’s film “Revenge” with Kevin Costner) and Katlin Rivers (with whom he co-wrote the electronica tracks “Escalation” and “Are You Gonna Win?”).

He is also an avid photgrapher with particular interest in timelapse, skyscapes, nightscapes, waterfalls, landscapes and other nature scenes who routinely takes 500,000 to 1,000,000 pictures a year and often travels with a fleet of five cameras. On music videos, he can most commonly be seen either directing or working as a D.P. and is known for bringing a unique perspective and voice to visual stories and composition of his projects.

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