Eaton Canyon Waterfall (returning shoot)

2011-11-03 Sunrise MANT 0.2 1.2 1 PG 1_cr No Man WEB


Today I spent 9 hours in Eaton Canyon either at or near the waterfall. I carried around 3 cameras, two tripods, 6 lenses and a lot of accessories. It was an even larger load than the last time, and more tiring, but I think I definitely got better material, too. I’ll know better once I’ve waded through all 4 memory cards, the hundreds of video clips and the thousands of pictures… [Update: 2 memory cards in and that's definitely holding true so far.]

But in the meantime, enjoy the post image: I should have more of them in the Photo Gallery soon.

Update 1: One of the action shots of Cesar Alvarez scaling the waterfall is up in the Photo Gallery now.

Update 2: One of the black and white close-ups of a tiny waterfall (looking kind of mighty here) on the way to the large one is in the Photo Gallery now.

Update 3: A detail of some leaves in the creek by the rocks is in the Photo Gallery now.

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  1. Paulo Cova says:

    Hey man, I was with Cesar yesterday at the water falls, I was looking for the pictures but only could find one. If there is a place where I can see them or if you could email them to me it would be awesome.

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