Emma and Molly


This shoot was a lot of fun. Shot back in December, I finally had enough spare time to post it.

Molly had brought her daughter Emma back for a reunion at Emma’s old pre-school and we wanted to get some pictures while they were there that captured a lot of Emma’s personality and character. Emma and Molly are both highly creative and artistic and Emma is emerging as a photographer in her own right, so the standards were set high.

I wanted a subjective look but I also wanted to be able to “fire and forget” without getting bogged down by stylistic considerations or changes once we started. No additional lighting, no additional processing: I wanted pure un-adulterated Emma. I also knew that I wanted to make the shoot high contrast black and white to emphasize the strength of the faces and avoid too much distraction from the colorful background. Eamma’s largely monochormatic wardrobe also helped.

Since I was shooting black and white and liked the “grain” that I got at higher ISO on the camera, I turned the ISO up at least 1 or 2 stops higher than I would have used for color. So, with an auto-focusing crop body, a close-focus lens and the freedom of the faster shutter fast shutter speed afforded by the fast lens and high ISO, we were ready to go. The shoot was fast, fun and unforgettably energetic. Both of them completely loved the photos.

I especially enjoyed the photos with Emma and Molly together. You can really tell how much Molly encourages and supports Emma’s personality and from listening to them talk, you can easily tell the support goes both ways.

I shot RAW+JPEG and these are the out-of cameras JPEGS, resized and watermarked with no additional processing. The originals were 16MP.

So without further ado, here are all the photos.

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