Panasonic GH2 Audio Settings File: Pasadena Pulse Audio V2 Beta 2

Here is my Pasadena Pulse Audio V2 Beta 2.

For instructions on how to load it, see my earlier tutorial “Using Higher Bitrates and ISOs on the Panasonic GH2″.

This patch only has “Microphone” (meters and AGC) settings, as well as the “Version Increment”, “Interface” and “Movie related restrictions”. The audio settings can be copied to other patches.

Here are the settings used, all in decimal form.
Volume Indicator 8 24576
Volume Indicator 7 16384
Volume Indicator 6 8192
Volume Indicator 5 4096
Volume Indicator 4 2048
Volume Indicator 3 512
Volume Indicator 2 128
Volume Indicator 1 16

AGC 3 128
AGC 2 160
AGC 1 176
AGC 0 203
And here are the estimated thresholds for each stage of metering.

Indicator 8 -3dBFS
Indicator 7 -6dBFS
Indicator 6 -12dBFS
Indicator 5 -18dBFS
Indicator 4 -24dBFS
Indicator 3 -36dBFS
Indicator 2 -48dBFS
Indicator 1 -66dBFS

And here are the estimated level difference between the
AGC settings.

203 Quietest (+0dB)
176 +13dB
160 +21.5dB
128 + 37.5 dB

The only way to be sure of all these values will be through further testing, but all of these have behaved well so far when tested by multiple users on mixers or with the
internal mic. Also, the “203″ and “128″ settings have been tested with the -10dB and +0dB Gain settings on the Rode Video Mic Pro.

One final note: the level meters behave as indicated when recording but may be different before you hit record.

Special Thanks to @Vitaliy_Kiselev, @Driftwood, @Frame, @Rajamalik, @DirkVoorhoeve, @Valdi99, @Rambo, @Tomaso.

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  1. Marco says:

    Hello Per, thank you very much for the Audio Hack, I will install it next week.
    You mentioned that you also have a Rode Video Mic Pro, therefore I have a question regarding this: How about using the “+20dB”-Setting of the Rode Video Mic Pro with the GH2? With the 1.0 GH2 firmware this caused distortion. How about the 1.1 firmware and your Audio hack, will it still cause distortion?
    Thanks very much in advance.

    • Per Lichtman says:

      Hi Marco,

      Neither the new firmware nor the patch has changed the +20dB issue (though we spent a lot of time trying). Instead, the approach that appears most promising is to use a pad cable to reduce the signal input from the Rode VMP into the GH2. As long as the pad is less than 20dB, this will still give you a louder level than the +0dB setting on the VMP.

      We are still testing to find out exactly how much gain needs to be attenuated by the pad to avoid distortion. Until then, I’m afraid you’ll have ot keep using the +0dB setting.

  2. Cfreak says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this.

    In your experience If you apply your audio patches can one still playback the audio in camera?
    Also, will the audio be sent thru the HDMI cable (to an external monitor) while recording and playing back?

    • Per Lichtman says:

      I’ll try to answer each part of that, is it actually depends on a few variables.

      1) The audio hack does not change the bitrate, so video clips will still playback in camera. However, some video settings already push the bitrate and my experience with being able to correctly listen to in-camera playback is inconsistent. In my experience, this does not seem to be affected by the audio hack but I have not done enough testing in that area to rule it out conclusively.

      2) Audio is sent thru the HDMI cable whether you are filming with or without the these audio settings. Note that there are other considerations to keep in mind when filming using HDMI (like the fact that it will output in 1080i regardless of what mode you have selected or displayed on the camera itself).

      These audio settings are currently integrated into the following Driftwood patches: Sedna AQ1 (A,B,C); Sedna Q20 (A,B,C); Mysteron. There may be others as well. If you use these patches, you do not need to apply the audio hack on top of them.

  3. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I’m inspired! Very helpful info specially the final part :) I maintain such info much. I was seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

  4. Woodcarver says:

    Have you done more experimenting with pad cables & the VMP? Right now I’m trying Microphone the microphone at level one, the VMP at +20 db and a -11 db attenuating cable. So that’s +9 db from the VMP I guess. Haven’t had much of a chance to really test yet. Anyone else tried something like this?

  5. Richard Kazn says:

    I have never used the -Pasadena Pulse Audio v2 beta, pls can you guide on how to install it into the GH2 Camera, I have hacked my Camera successfully to the Driftwood 176mbps hack recomended by Ryan Walters.
    Would be of great help if you can guide?


    Richard Kazn

    • Per Lichtman says:

      Hi Richard – Ryan’s a stand-up guy (I bought his old Promote Remote Control when he was done with it) so I’m guessing he steered you to a good Driftwood setting. All of the Driftwood settings in recent years already include those audio settings so as long as you’re up-to-date, you don’t need to install anything additional.

      Could you specify which setting you’re using?

      All the best,

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